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Horses4Change - children & young people.

H4C Support for Young People


Equine assisted activities can encourage students and young people to show empathy, responsibility and care for another being. Other skills such as communication and listening during sessions is naturally challenged due to the horse’s nature, and then furthered when at school during classes. As horses are very social animals they also help us to be open to new and exciting interactions with both horses and peers, where they may otherwise not during class.


Why not build in equine assisted activities into your school timetable or programme and see the positive benefits through an engaging and enjoyable activity.

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Please feel free to call us today to organise your initial H4C Exploration Session - a 30 minute taster to come and meet the horses, meet us and see the facilities. we can then gain an understanding of the individuals/group needs and tailor an appropriate programme to suit.

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To give you an idea of costs.

Example H4C Programme

Please feel free to call Horses4Change today for a, no obligation, chat to talk through how you think our horses could support you.

Telephone: 07754 275 660


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