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Leadership Development Workshop

1 - 3 October 2018 (2½ days)


In today’s competitive and changing business environment many CEOs sight talent management and people development as one of their most critical issues.  In his book “Turn the Ship Around” David Marquet describes how the development of secure based distributed leadership (leadership at all levels) can significantly improve operational performance.

“Highly recommended, unlike anything

I've done before."

(Ian Duffield, July Workshop Delegate)

This Innovative Workshop

This innovative workshop links vision to execution and has been designed to help organisations and individuals develop their leadership skills and help them manage change.  The workshop provides individuals with classroom learning provided by our Management Consultant Dave Manning who has specialised in Integrated Business Leadership, continuous improvement and change.


This is followed by observation, practical exercises with the horses, coaching and reflection time.  This is facilitated by our coaches Jane and Casey and our team of horses. 

Who It Is For

Business leaders, organisational managers and individuals who wish to gain knowledge and develop their soft skills to enhance their overall performance and develop their leadership skills.


Anyone interested in personal growth and development with the help of our horses in this different and insightful way. 

“You can manage things, but you have to lead people” 

(Grace Murray Hopper)


Why Horses?

Horses are social, sentient and reactive herd animals with their own personality traits, attitudes and moods. Being prey animals they live in the moment being acutely aware of non-verbal communication, body language, posture, facial expressions and energy.


This makes them great teachers for us as humans as they are attuned to any incongruence between thoughts, feelings and actions. They read every non-verbal signal you send out and their reactions are immediate and honest.  They reflect the person behind the persona and the clarity and integrity of your communication.


With carefully chosen exercises, coaching and reflection in a safe and supportive environment, the horses can help provide us with new insight into ourselves and our performance and can help facilitate learning that takes place at an instinctive limbic level, providing us with a powerful learning tool for development and change. 

Horses4Change 041.JPG

What the Delegates will Learn

The combination of our classroom sessions and experiential learning activities with the horses, give the individual a clear understanding of what makes an effective leader, as well as discover their own effective leadership style and their ability to manage change as it happens. 


What Will the Business Gain

When there is clear leadership throughout the business the improvements in decision making, team work, effectiveness and morale are significant.  With distributed leadership the ability to execute the vision and strategy will also be enhanced. 

After the Workshop

Many delegates may recommend that this Workshop should be offered more broadly in the business and become part of the Company’s Leadership Development Programme, on a public or tailored private basis.  Some delegates may wish to enrol on one to one coaching workshops, which again may be part of the Company’s ‘people’ development programme for Leadership, Team and Communication.  Or, as a private individual as part of their own personal growth and development pathway.


Included in the Workshop:

A maximum of 8 delegates.

Each delegate takes part in a unique blend of theory-based workshops in the conference room and outside practical work in the arena with the horses using insightful Equine Assisted Learning techniques and exercises over the two and a half days.

Refreshments & bites: On arrival and at mid morning break

Lunch: Freshly made, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients

(dietary options catered for, please ask)

Refreshments & bites: Mid afternoon break

Optional dinner on the first evening at local award winning Cholmondeley Arms

Delegates are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lower Hall and relax and reflect in the extensive country house grounds which include seating areas in the Secret Garden, the Kitchen Garden and the South Lawn with views across the paddocks. Swimming pool and tennis court open to delegates at certain times throughout the year.

Day 1 Horses4Change 186.JPG

The course, the horses, the techniques, the exercises, the learning, the atmosphere, the people, the surroundings, the tempo, the food - the whole Leadership Workshop package is a unique, learning, thought provoking experience. Don't just take our word for it - have a look at our testimonial videos <click here>

To book or enquire about our Leadership Workshop:

Telephone: 0775 4275 660


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