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Leadership Development | Team Building | Personal Development & Coaching | Equine Therapy

We offer Corporate Leadership and Team Development as well as One to One coaching using our team of horses in a beautiful and peaceful setting here at Lower Hall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, England.  Our aim is to use this powerful form of experiential and accelerated learning to help facilitate personal and professional growth and development.  Our workshops offer a combination of classroom, observation, practical exercises with set objectives, coaching and reflection.

Why Horses?

Horses are social, sentient and reactive herd animals with their own personality traits, attitudes and moods. Being prey animals they live in the moment being acutely aware of non-verbal communication, body language, posture, facial expressions and energy.  This makes them great teachers for us as humans as they are attuned to any in-congruence between thoughts, feelings and actions as they read every non-verbal signal you send out and their reactions are immediate and honest.  They reflect the person behind the persona and how effective your communication is. 


With carefully chosen exercises, coaching and reflection in a safe and supportive environment, the horses can help provide us with new insight into ourselves and our performance and can help facilitate learning that takes place at a limbic level, providing us with a powerful learning tool for development and change.

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