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Leadership Development
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This leading edge, innovative Leadership Development Workshop links vision to execution and has been designed to help organisations and individuals develop their leadership skills and help them manage change.  The workshop provides individuals with classroom learning provided by our thought provoking Management Consultant Dave Manning, who has specialised in Integrated Business Leadership, continuous improvement and transformation for more than thirty years.


This is followed by a combination of practical exercises with the horses and our coaches, Casey McDougall and Jane Campbell-Manning who will help facilitate the learning along with our equine colleagues. The process will build secured based leadership and is centered around the development of the clients self-awareness,'emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate and interact effectively on a deeper level  Skills that really great leaders possess.

Leadership and communication  skills will be challenged as will your ability to lead through ever changing situations. This workshop is designed to help you develop the theory, but also the confidence and human skills necessary to lead in a more enlightened and more thoughtful, creative and authentic way.

For full information about our H4C Leadership Development Workshop <click here>


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Team building
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This innovative Team Building Workshop helps teams to understand how their behaviours and communication skills can effect and influence others. Working with our equine colleagues and coaches you will be challenged to look at yourself, the way you communicate and how this affects your ability to build relationships.  

As a herd animal the horse is ideally placed to help show us the need for and the value of successful relationships and team work.  They will show you what team work is really based upon.

This workshop will help you gain insight into yourself and the human skills you need to develop in order to function as part of a cohesive and effective team.

These workshops are held in a different and unique setting and are Fun!


For more information about our Business Workshops please contact:

Telephone: 07754 275 660


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