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Personal Development, Therapeutic Sessions and Workshops

with our Horses that can be tailored to:

   You, Your Group, Your Organisation 



Enrichment and Personal Growth.     

Practical Activities with our horses are ground based (non-riding). We do activities such as: learning to handle and look after our four legged friends, leading, grooming, mucking-out plus other horse-care skills can be undertaken.  These activities help us learn not only about the importance of taking care of another living creature but we also learn more about ourselves in the process.

Ground skills and activities in the arena, round pen and paddock are also offered for personal growth and development. Learn Natural Horsemanship techniques and develop your communication skills and experience a whole new way of being and interacting with the help of the horses.

All our activities are fun but also have real Therapeutic value as well as helping us develop:

  • Our confidence & self esteem

  • Our ability to manage our anxiety

  • Our ability to manage our emotions

  • Our ability to trust

  • Our ability to set boundaries

  • Our communication skills

  • Our focus

  • Our ability to listen & respond not react

  • Our ability to take responsibility

  • Our ability to make connections and build relationships

  • Our problem-solving skills

  • Our leadership skills, and more...


Mindfulness Sessions with the Herd 

Mindfulness Retreat Days with the Herd  (incl. lunch)

Give yourself time to de-stress and get away from the pressures of every day life. The horses have a calming and relaxing effect on us and will help bring you into the moment, increasing your self-awareness and mental clarity. Combine the horses, who are masters at being in the here and now and Mindfulness techniques and feel real therapeutic benefits for your mental and physical well-being. 


For our retreats and workshops we have both a swimming pool and tennis court for added fun and relaxation and a fire pit for evening R&R.  Enjoy these unique experiences in the beautiful surroundings here at Lower Hall.


Please see our calendar for all these events & our Business page for our Corporate Leadership and Team Building workshops.   

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For more information:
Telephone: 07754 275 660
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