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“As a team we were thrilled about the progress we made on the day and laughed about how we over engineered the obstacle course!! We have the makings of a powerful team. I was buzzing when I got home and told my husband and daughter about the day and they both commented on how they hadn’t seen me that enthused for a while”

Jane Gilham – Head of Function H.R., XTRAC

"An excellent training course in team building, very well structured and friendly approach"

Rob Beck – IBP Orchestrator, XTRAC


Roy Evans

Unipart Rail

Leadership Development Workshop

"I learnt to be much more aware of myself and how I choose to lead a team through change or manage a situation. To think about the situation as it arises and conduct myself with much more awareness of myself.

"Working with horses was very effective as I found you get genuine responses and begin to understand how you actually come across without any misconceptions.

"I definitely learnt how posture and body language can speak loads more than verbal conversation and that you can learn to understand people through their body language and use your own to take control of a situation.

"Come (on the course) with a very open mind and no pre-conceptions - that way, you will gain the most out of your experiences. The more you open up to the course, the more you will benefit"

Mike McCreesh

Coveris (Winsford)

Leadership Development Workshop

"Presentations reinforced the need for good leadership, having a vision and set points or goals (quick wins) to monitor progress and, if required, a change. It also made me think about how much I can make a difference.

(Working with horses) "This really enforced that each individual person is different and responds differently. I really felt an achievement when the horses responded well to small changes in body language.

"Be open with the team, and yourself, and you will take something from these amazing people and horses."

Ian Duffield (2'16")


Leadership Development Workshop

"Very enjoyable and revealing."

"I knew that it would involve both classroom and horses but I wasn't quite sure how it was going to blend together....but it actually worked really well."

"I wanted to get an increased awareness of my own leadership skills and learn some new skills, and that really happened, it was great."

"....bringing the horses in was fascinating, I hadn't ever thought of horses having such a rich personality and being able to use them as a mirror for my own behaviour... that part was fascinating and really revealing..."

"Highly recommended, unlike anything I've done before."

Patrycia Stas (5'22")

Transformation Manager, CEGB Pepsico (Warsaw, Poland)

Leadership Development Workshop

"If you are ready to find a couple of days for yourself to really focus on things you have never done and think are impossible to do, you can get a lot out of this."

"You need to have an open mind...and be ready for some unexpected learning."

"It's a way to look at yourself from an absolutely different perspective."

"The surroundings and atmosphere really help you to relax, you're not working so you can't answer the phone or emails, which helps a lot...and the atmosphere is really friendly."

Mark Bentley (2'51")

Operations Manager Logistics, South Essex College of Higher, Further Education

Leadership Development Workshop

"It's been an absolutely fantastic experience."

"It's been about going back to basics and getting yourself to question who you are as a leader and, probably more importantly, what you want to be as a leader."

"This is a different approach, it's thinking out of the box....this gets individuals thinking along those lines - you have to do something different if you are going to be a true and valued leader."

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