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H4C WEBINAR (July 2020)

Know your Drivers, and how they influence your behaviour as a leader

Looking into how our Drivers influence our thinking and behaviour in our day to day lives and workplace. If we have more of an awareness of our drivers and how they can impact on situations - both in a negative and positive way, we can guide our thinking and behaviour to have the desired response.

As a Leader of yourself, and colleagues, surely this is essential?

DMi & H4C WEBINAR (November/December 2019)

As a Leader or Manager, is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ‘fit for purpose’? 


During this webinar, we will take you through the personal qualities of a true leader and how horses can play their part in reflecting your levels of integrity and congruency.


Leadership is, more than ever, becoming the defining element in our society – especially in business. True leadership, at all levels, is the key to optimising your business’ biggest asset – your people. The framework of this webinar mirrors the model of our DMi/H4C courses and gives you an insight to the value we get from our horses and the Equine Assisted Activities.

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